Center for Community Development

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Innovative territories
Country Albania
Organization/ Entity Center for Community Development
First Name Dorela
Last Name Islami
Address 42 Vangjel Noti Str., Tirana, Albania
Contact Phone 00355 695432238
Project idea title Incentive entrepreneurship in view of the social business development
Specific problem to be addressed Albania and neighboring countries are little known and even less on widespread concepts and practices of business development with social character. Based on the priorities of the Programme BalkanMed, the experience of the Centre for Community Development and the need for promotion and development of these economic practices as well as friendly to the environment, a group of experts contracted by our organization masterminded the project idea. Development of this type of businesses is a function of economic growth, improving the environment, helping people in need and sustainable development.
Main project activities planned Promotion of the project throughout the territory and to all the factors of interest. Development of workshops and training at local, inter-ethnic issues in the teaching of these practices and encouraging the establishment of social businesses. Sharing knowledge and publication of the results achieved in the framework of the development of this project.
Expected outputs and results Encourage business start-ups with social character. 20 coaches preparing for long-term development of the modules in the context of encouraging these practices environmentally and community friendly. Increase the number of social businesses.
State you area of expertise/ interest Community Development Center is a non-governmental organization that operates in Albania and around it, for more than 10 years. It is focused on community development and has developed several projects with funding from the European Union and other donors in the field of environment, encouraging business, community groups, etc.