Association Phoenix Inspire

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Competitive territories
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Association Phoenix Inspire
First Name Miglena
Last Name Kostova
Address 16 Sredets Str., 3784 Vidin, Novo selo, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 876721408
Project idea title CLUSTER
Specific problem to be addressed Whilst introducing self-hiring entrepreneurship culture and applying identified good practices in the sector of the social economy, the project decreases the levels of unemployment and social exclusion in mainly rural areas of the cross-border region. The high risk of poverty among youth caused by unemployment and about 18% career migration is to be reduced by setting up two social enterprises and cooperatives. The vocational qualification training programme will improve the labour opportunities for the vulnerable groups and provide them a better access to labour market.
Main project activities planned Establishing 4 business models of social entrepreneurship; Vocational qualification training for unemployed women and young adults; Developing on-line platform to encourage the entrepreneurship; Promoting two good practices - organizing two-day international conference on the matters of the social inclusion and decreasing poverty among women and youth; Establishing 2 working enterprises, according to the best practice identified in the region to offer job placements and apprenticeships.
Expected outputs and results The project will contribute to the population that have access to joint employment initiatives. The implementation of the project activities will have an impact on improving the employment opportunities of nearly 300 young unemployed adults over the CB area and will encourage the development of 45 social entrepreneurships in the region by providing a common web platform for labour mobility and consultancy. 30 young adults will be trained in a vocational qualification programme and 15 trainees will be included in labour mobility through apprenticeships on the both side of the border.
State you area of expertise/ interest Association Phoenix Inspire's main expertise is in providing social services in the field of vocational education to improve the skills of young unemployed thus creating opportunities and giving chances to those who do not have them.The social enterprise is profilized in preparing of wide range of pastry and baking products putting the focus on the social effect for the people involved in manufacturing the final product.