Technical Chamber of Greece/ Regional Department of Western Greece

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Specific Objective Delivery on Environmental Legal Framework
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Technical Chamber of Greece/ Regional Department of Western Greece
First Name Petros
Last Name Ganos
Address 40 Trion Navarchon Str., Patras, Greece
Contact Phone 0030 6977677277
Project idea title Searching in participating in proposal
Specific problem to be addressed The Technical Chamber of Greece/ Regional Department of Western Greece (TCG/RDWG) is the representative body of qualified engineers, with elected administration and is monitored by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks. It has its headquarters in Patras and is accountable for the Prefectures of Achaia, Ileia, Cephalonia and Zante. Its main objective is to: Promote and develop Science & Technology in sectors related to the disciplines of its members, for the economic, social, and cultural development of the country, in accordance with the principles of sustainability and environmental protection.
Main project activities planned In the frame of the National Energy Planning there are energy policy measures in the building sector, which includes the creation of an integrated energy planning for the municipalities and preparation of local action plans, tailor-made actions for the public sector, installation of energy efficient street lighting systems and integrated energy management system and operation. There is also planning to build new zero emission buildings after 2020 and 2050, and the extensive renovation of older buildings, especially public buildings.
Expected outputs and results TCG/RDWG has approximately 5000 active members encompassing all engineering disciplines and employed in industry, construction firms, consulting offices, public services & organizations or self-employed. Most dominant disciplines are civil engineers, architects, mechanical & electrical engineers, rural and surveying engineers, chemical engineers, electronic engineers, information & communication engineers and mining & metallurgical engineers.
State you area of expertise/ interest TCG/RDWG provides the following services: - Conducts studies on technical, economic or development issues of particular interest for the local society. Their conduction takes place upon request or on own initiative, utilizing own resources or in collaboration with other scientific institutions. - Conducts research on technical standardization and regulations and issues guidelines in order to support sustainable development, rational use of natural resources, protection of the environment & improvement of life quality. - Provides technical advice on issues within its scope, upon request by the competent authorities or other institutions of the public sector or unions. - Conducts surveys regarding the technical, scientific, engineering and related industrial activity, on technical issues, on manpower, equipment and technology, and compiles the collected data in order to provide relevant information to the competent authorities or other bodies. - Contributes to the design of technical education curricula and national research & technology strategies, in accordance to the development needs of Greece.