Management Authority of Pamvotis Lake

Priority Axis


Specific Objective Biodiversity
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Management Authority of Pamvotis Lake
First Name Vassilis
Last Name Kouroutos
Address Marikas Kotopouli 66-68
Contact Phone 0030 251021834
Project idea title Applying Sustainable Development Management pilot actions in Protected Areas (SUSDEMA -PA)
Specific problem to be addressed The Protected Area (PA) of Lake Pamvotis includes high quality natural and cultural assets and therefore their protection and the need to exploit opportunities for the PA sustainable development, is a key priority. The main problems that the PA faces originate from: a) loss of the periodically flooded wet meadows and shallow areas of the lake, b) the quantitative reduction of riparian plant communities, c) the uncontrolled economic activities in the area.
Main project activities planned a) Planning and implementation of concrete actions through specific Management Plans; b) securing the economic viability of the of PA through the assessment of different alternative funding sources; c) education, information and awareness of the local community and interested stakeholders (economic actors, public authorities etc.); d) implementation of an integrated PA management framework, in order to make the natural and cultural heritage a tool of growth and sustainable development.
Expected outputs and results 1. The promotion of cooperation to encourage the exchange of knowledge between similar PAs dealing with same problems; 2. The creation of a common panel of discussion in order to design better their intervention through joint projects or actions; 3. The support of the economic development of the territories involved through the road of sustainable tourism, the protection and development of natural and cultural heritage, including NATURA 2000 and green infrastructure.
State you area of expertise/ interest The Management Authority of Lake Pamvotis: a) has the responsibility of implementing management plans and carrying out monitoring activities; b) assists the competent administrative and judicial authorities in monitoring the application of environmental legislation; c) has the expertise to prepare studies and research, as well as to carry out technical or other works; d) has the knowledge to organize, implement and demonstrate ecotourism programmes achieving promotion of sustainable development.