Albanian Center for Sustainable Development

Priority Axis


Specific Objective Sustainable Territories
Country Albania
Organization/ Entity Albanian Center for Sustainable Development
First Name Redi
Last Name Çoku
Address Tirana Business Center no. 16, Tirana, Albania
Contact Phone 00355 695669355
Project idea title Solar energy , an economic and friendly and friendly alternative to enviroment
Specific problem to be addressed The territory of Albania and other countries that are included in the framework program are characterized by a number of more than 250 days of sunshine per year .Even though the conditions for the usage of solar energy are favorable , it is important to mention that this process in Albania and other countries around the Mediterranean part of the Balkans is not widespread.Precisely in this context we would like to undertake the initiative to develop this project.
Main project activities planned 1. Promotion of the project on local regional development; 2.Development of several workshops and seminars, in function of economic growth and increasing of knowledge of solar energy; 3. Placing some plants for solar panels in public institutions; 4. The establishment of a regional network of the operators that deal with the development of this activity; 5. Distribution of the results achieved in the framework of the development of this project.
Expected outputs and results - Increases knowledge of the effectiveness of the usage of solar energy; - Installation of solar panels in some schools, orphanages,kindergarten; - Create regional network operators that deal with the management of this process; - 50 trained specialists leadership in terms of professional planning and implementation of this kind of activities.
State you area of expertise/ interest Albanian Center for Sustainable Development was founded in 2007 by a group of experts.The vision of the organization is a society with sustainable development. It aims to be the leader institution in this field. The methodology is based of the valuation of expertise, analytical manner and exchange of experiences .The technical capacity organizational and financial resources are enriched every year and have implemented several projects with the donation of EU, USAID, REC GEF/SGP.