National Center of Environmentalist Movement

Priority Axis


Specific Objective Biodiversity
Country Albania
Organization/ Entity National Center of Environmentalist Movement
First Name Bruna
Last Name Çoku
Address Rruga Ismail Qemali Nr.19, Tirana, Albania
Contact Phone 00355 695802011
Project idea title Pro to Medical Plants, No to Biodiversity
Specific problem to be addressed The process of using medicinal plants is known from the antiquity. Climatic conditions in the Mediterranean enable their growth. Medicinal plants collected by non professional workers, damage the continuity of their natural multiplication. The project aims, to raise the awareness of the techniques and effectively collecting, drying and packaging of these plants without damaging biodiversity. In the framework of the project will be demonstrated in practice the cultivation of these plants.
Main project activities planned Promotion of the goals of the project to all interest groups. The organization of seminars and training at the local level. The awareness for the start of cultivation of medicinal plants in the plots of farmers. Publication and distribution of expected outputs and results of the project.
Expected outputs and results Increase technical and professional of individuals and businesses that deal with medicinal plants.Practical studies are carried out by the state of this sector and the need for future improvement.It increases the level of demonstration in practice of the cultivation of medicinal plants by farmers.We will have 30 trained coaches for the organization of training in the future.
State you area of expertise/ interest National Center of Environmentalist Movement was founded 2004 by a group of experts in the environment field and social sciences. It is a non-profit organization that operates in Albania and around it. It has developed several projects with the donation of EU and other donators. Every year it has grown the organizational capacity and technical-financial expertise.