Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research

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Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
First Name Roumen
Last Name Kalchev
Address 1 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 878547421
Project idea title Modelling of pollutant source apportionment in common river basins of Bulgaria, Greece and FYROM providing opportunity for management on transboundary level of surface water quality, nature friendly agriculture practice and efficient usage of water resources under climate changes.
Specific problem to be addressed The climate and unique natural and cultural heritage in the rivers basins of Struma, Mesta and Vardar are favouring intense agriculture and tourism. The harmony between them is essential for achieving a good ecological status of aquatic ecosystems and sustaining biodiversity and natural value of protected areas. For this purpose we have to estimate the shares of different sources causing the pollution loads, thus creating a fundament for a scientifically based approach towards nature friendly agriculture and transboundary management of aquatic resources and surrounding areas.
Main project activities planned We start with data inventory and selection of river’s run off and concentrations values of selected pollutants (total phosphorus, nitrogen) in Struma, Mesta and Vardar river basins including, dry, rainy and average years. Then we localize protected areas and compose lists of protected species situated in the river catchments. After a delineation of river sub-basins and modelling, the evaluated pollutant loads from different source have to be compared with reported biodiversity and ecological status and actualize it where necessary. Finally we elaborate management measures.
Expected outputs and results The application of modelling provides partitioning of riverine pollutant loads between point and diffuse (main land use categories) sources and localization of the sub-basins under pressure in river catchments. The comparison between degree of pollutant impact on one hand and biodiversity and ecological status on the other will estimate the critical load levels threatening to affect the ecological status, while the quantification of pollution sources will indicate the appropriate measures for achieving the desired water quality and resource management under climate changes.
State you area of expertise/ interest The Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research and other contributing Bulgarian and foreign institutions have expertise in data inventory and selection of river’s run off and pollutant concentration values, plant and animal biodiversity, GIS methodology, modelling the apportionment of riverine pollutant loads, determination of river ecological status. We need partners with expertise in the mentioned fields (except pollutant modelling and GIS) on the territories of partner countries, i.e. hydrologists, aquatic ecologists, experts in environment management etc.