Water Board of Nicosia



The Water Board of Nicosia is a semi-government organization that was formed in 1953 and its role is to supply potable water in good quality and in sufficient quantity to the citizens of Nicosia (more than 250.000 inhabitants). The WBN employs 164 persons. The responsibility of the WBN is to operate the water distribution network that covers more than 91 sq.Km area and water mains of 1,240 km length, the management of the 12 water reservoirs, and the receipt, preventive chlorination and supply of 23,8 millions CM. of water annually. During the year 2010, the number of consumers the WBN is supplying with water reached 107.618. The average daily consumption per inhabitant for the year 2010 is 115 lt. The WBN requires 65.320 CM of water on average daily. The quantity is received mainly from the Water Development Department of the Government of Cyprus and it is conveyed in 12 water reservoirs with total capacity 74.600 CM. The total capacity of the reservoirs allows for the sufficient continuous supply of water for 36 hours to the consumers. The water is supplied to the consumers mainly by the gravity method. To satisfy the needs of supply areas with high altitude a water tower with 500 cub.met. capacity and 23 m height has been constructed. Furthermore, 4 pumping stations were installed in the supply system. The WBN operates a system of automatic information collection (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) consisting of 53 electronic telemetry stations placed in various points in the water distribution network and in the water reservoirs. From these stations data is continuously sent regarding the flow and pressure of water in the network. From the reservoirs, data is collected regarding the inflow and outflow of water and the level of water in the reservoir.