Black Sea NGO Network



The Black Sea NGO Network (BSNN), established in 1998 and registеred in 1999, is a regional association of NGOs from all Black Sea countries. The BSNN members, currently over 60, are brought together by the common concern for the decreasing environmental quality of the Black Sea and the need for the adoption of democratic values and practices in the Black Sea countries that follow the ideals of sustainability.

BSNN is an independent, non-political, non-governmental, non-profit voluntary association of NGOs from the six Black Sea countries: Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, the goal of which is the facilitation of the free flow and exchange of information, resources and experience for the accomplishment of its mission that is:
to contribute to the protection and rehabilitation of the Black Sea, including the Azov Sea, and to the sustainable development of the Black Sea countries through increased participation of NGOs, governments, businesses and other institutions, as well as the general public.

The objectives of the association are as follows:
- to develop a relevant structure, mechanisms and practice for advocacy and lobbying local, national and international authorities, businesses and other institutions involved in the decision-making process concerning the Black Sea and the sustainable development of the Black Sea region;
- to identify and address priority Black Sea environmental issues;
- to raise environmental and civic public awareness, and to increase public participation in the decision-making processes concerning the Black Sea at all levels;
- to build the association members’ capacity for the accomplishment of its mission and to defend its members’ interests.

The association achieves its objectives through:
- informing the public in the six Black Sea countries about Black Sea issues by all possible means;
- organising seminars, workshops, public hearings, conferences on Black Sea issues and the sustainable development of the Black Sea countries;
- promoting activities for solving Black Sea acute environmental problems and specific environmental issues, such as: public awareness campaigns, environmental education, environmental survey activities and lobbying and advocacy at national, regional and international level;
- developing and implementing projects on priority issues of the Black Sea region, including the Azov Sea;
maintaining active contacts with similar international organisations and participating in programmes on the Black Sea/ Azov Sea issues.