Hellenic Management Association

Address http://www.eede.gr


The Hellenic Management Association (EEDE) was established in 1962. It is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to contribute to the promotion, dissemination and promulgation of modern management principles, methods and practices. EEDE has members, both corporate - enterprises and organisations of the private and public sector - and individuals - medium and top-level executives, entrepreneurs, professors and students.

The Hellenic Management Association incorporates five Institutes, specialising in a particular function of management and four Sectors that deal with general business issues: Hellenic Institute of Marketing, Hellenic Institute of Financial Management, Hellenic Institute of Production and Operations Management, Hellenic Institute of Information and Communications Management, Hellenic Institute of Human Resources Management, Sector of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs, Public Administration and Local Authorities Management Sector, Leadership Sector and Corporate Affairs Sector.

Today EEDE rates among the five largest Management Associations worldwide in terms of Membership and Activities. In 54 years of activity more than 500.000 executives have been trained and more than 800.000 teaching hours have been offered through 17.500 training programs, while EEDE’s Post-Graduate Program is effectuated in 26 cities around Greece and counts more than 4.200 alumni.

The Hellenic Management Association’s activities cover all administrative regions in Greece. More specifically, EEDE operates through Regional Departments in Macedonia (based in Thessaloniki), in the Peloponnese and Western Greece (based in Patras) and in Crete (based in Heraklion). Beyond Greece, EEDE also operates in Cyprus through the Cyprus Management Association (CMA), which was founded in collaboration with the Employers and Industrialists Federation of Cyprus. The Athens Laboratory of Business Administration (ALBA) and the Entrepreneurship Club were founded and now operate in Greece upon EEDE’s initiative.

The ultimate purpose of the Hellenic Management Association is to improve the competitiveness and effectiveness of Greek enterprises, through the development of human resources, as well as to offer such enterprises modern qualitative and specialised services that correspond to the challenges of the current economic environment, in particular accentuating the training activities and the growth of leadership competences.

To this end, the Hellenic Management Association, in recent years, in consistency with its course in more than 50 years, presents position papers and takes several actions on confronting the financial crisis and developing the Greek economy, either on its own initiative or in collaboration with other institutional bodies.