Environmental Center for Administration and Technology



Environmental Center for Administration and Technology (ECAT) of  Tirana was established in October 1995 by the logistic and financial support of the European Commission General Directorate for the Environment, the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection of the German Land of Thueringen, the Albanian Ministry of Health and Environment. 

ECAT Tirana has implemented a significant numbers of projects focused on the Environmental Management, Nature Protection, Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, Water administration, Waste management, soil and Recourse Efficient and Cleaner Production, financed by EC (Phare, LIFE, ECHO, CARDS, SYNERGY, INTERREG III CADSES), World Bank, UNEP, UNICEF, USAID, WHO, SIDA, German Government, UNIDO, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

Also, it is to be highlighted that ECAT Tirana has excellent networking and outreach skills, with the ability to speak convincingly with local central and/or regional authorities, academia, civil society organizations, community-based groups, and media.

ECAT Tirana is to be seen as an Albanian reliable partner along with its associated experts in the project related fields putting forward the best local relevant experience.

This is also based on ECAT Tirana prominent role in the country, good spirit of co-operation and working links with related Albanian local and central, national and international, governmental and non-governmental institutions and bodies.

ECAT Tirana has implemented about thirty environmental projects, identified as national priorities on the government environmental programme.

Also, ECAT Tirana has organized about the same number (thirty five) of international, national and local workshops, seminars, trainings and study tours within the country and abroad, with the participation of the senior level administrators and experts or the main officials from the Central and Local government, regional services, different ministries, research and educational institutes, NGOs as well as representatives of Mediterranean organizations.
ECAT Tirana has an established track record of developing evidence-based policies that benefit Albania’s rapidly advancing economy.