Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry



A few yearsafter the creation ofthe independent Hellenic State, thefirst Chambers were foundedunder the Royal Decreeof May 22nd 1836, “Regardingthe establishment of chambers of commerce and commercial entities”.
In 1841, when the capital of the country was moved to the city of Athens, the Athens Chamber of Commerce was founded.

ACCI has a mission to: 

Assist the Government in the fields of commerce, industry, services and general development policy. More specifically it:
  • formulates specific opinions as well as making interventions in the government for all the promoted by the State statutes which are related with its activities
  • innovates by first recording the priorities of total purchasing power and promotes them to the responsible people and authorities at the right time
  • observes carefully the latest developments and gives rise to a new era of growth in the fields of commerce, industry and services while trying to minimize their disadvantages and strengthen their advantages
  • contributes to the establishment of a positive atmosphere for cooperation, mutual confidence and information provision of the enterprise world

Represent, support and promote entrepreneurship. More specifically it:
  • systematically informs its members about developments in critical financial and business issues
  • provides free information and consulting services to its member companies
  • organizes events, meetings and conferences for the analysis of financial and individual sector-based issues
  • organizes and participates in trade missions to and from foreign countries aiming to expand international economic relations
  • conducts research surveys in order to support productive classes in the best possible way and informs its member companies
  • cooperates with European and international organizations in order to inform of and promote the views of Greek companies
  • organizes educational programs and seminars that promote human resources’ skills of its member companies
  • regularly publishes informative documents thus upgrading its role and impact on the Greek enterprising community
  • established and supports the annual Entrepreneurship Awards that aim to reward excellence and promote business activity by encouraging initiatives that contribute to Greece’s economic and social growth

ACCI’s further actions, initiatives and interventions aim to:
  • encourage and help individual enterprising initiative
  • eliminate every kind of disincentives which prevent developmental initiatives
  • create the appropriate conditions to attract and promote new investments
  • strengthen enterprise competitiveness and Greek economy in general
  • create a legislative and administrative environment that will guarantee effectiveness, transparency and healthy competition with equal terms and conditions for all
  • help small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), so they can meet the requirements of the modern competitive environment
  • promote research and technological development and help Greek enterprises to adopt them
  • promote a more flexible labor market that will encourage employment enhancement in combination to the real needs of businesses
  • support and strengthen Greek companies’ presence in international markets
  • enhance educational system in order to meet market’s emerging needs
  • promote the principles of corporate social responsibility and support environment-friendly business activities
  • expand the range of services offered to its member companies