National Federation of Employers of Disabled People



National Federation of Employers of Disabled People (NFED) is established on 6 July 2000 as a non-profit, public benefit legal entity, according to the Non-Government Organization Law. 84 companies for disabled people from different municipalities in Bulgaria are members of the Federation. The main aim of the Federation is to assist, encourage and co-ordinate the efforts of its members for improvement of living conditions and for providing more employment opportunities for people with disabilities and their integration into society.

The Federation represents and safeguards the interests of its members in front of the state, public authorities and organizations. The efforts of the National Federation of Employers of Disabled People are directed to:
- provide, assistance and co-ordination of the companies within the Federation in seeking better market positions and employment opportunities for disabled people;
- improving the competitiveness of social enterprises for people with disabilities;
- search of better market positions and improving the conditions for successful;
- business, including through various local and International exhibitions and forums;
- improving access of social enterprises to European projects and programs;
- encouraging entrepreneurship of persons with disabilities by starting their own business;
- the development of policies and raising public awareness of the capabilities of people with disabilities and a change in attitudes of employers towards hiring people with disabilities;
- оrganizing national and regional forums;
- ensuring national, regional and international partnership;
- organizing exchange of information;