Human - Environment - Culture Foundation



“HUMAN – ENVIRONMENT – CULTURE” FOUNDATION, is based in Korca – Albania and it is established on December 2009.

The activity of Foundation is distributed throughout the territory of Republic of Albania and abroad.

Purpose of Foundation
The Foundation is leaded by the principals and the procedures determined in its Statute, its activity, its function and these are based on the common will of the members of the Board of the Directors.
The basic principals of the Foundation are:
*              The independency from the political, governmental and syndicalist institutions.
*              The free participation of legal and natural persons, or organizations, without social or other differences.
*              The information in time and the scientific knowledge and the grounding facts.
*              The democracy in expression, the objectivity and the polyphony in opinions, thoughts, suggestions and protasis, the cooperation with private and public institutions, national and international organizations.