Center for Knowledge Management

Address 25, 11th Oktomvri str., 1000 Skopje

Republic of North Macedonia

The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) is a think-thank established in 2008, with an aim of enhancing and improving knowledge management processes in all societal spheres in the Republic of North Macedonia and the SEE region. Covering a wide area of activities performed in collaboration with the civil sector, the state and public administration and the profit sector, CKM 's vision is to become an active actor in the institutional and economic development of the country, and the region in general.

In particular, CKM’s activities can be classified in several areas of work:
- CKM works on raising awareness among key actors in the society on the benefits of introducing knowledge management in the civil, public and private sphere of the society;
- CKM works on enhancing the capacity of organizations for developing, introducing and improving knowledge management practices in their everyday work for the benefit of all stakeholders, citizens the most;
- CKM conducts research and analysis in the area of local, national, and regional development for the purpose of exploring current and proposing new policies, measures and projects in a wide area of disciplines;
- CKM operates at three different levels, primary covering the processes for generating new knowledge innovation, as well as transferring and sharing information and knowledge.
1. At an organizational level, CKM enables the organizations in the Republic of North Macedonia to improve their innovation potential as well as their decision-making capacity. These activities are covered within our Innovation Lab;
2. At a market/industry level, CKM aims towards improving the situation with the efficient operation of clusters, especially in the sectors where the costs for research and development are high. This level covers all activities supporting cooperation of enterprises with higher-education institutions and research centers;
3. At a national economy level, CKM conducts political and policy analyses which aim to improve the innovation and competitiveness of companies and the national economy, to improve the environment for conducting business, to support the development of entrepreneurship, with special focus on web entrepreneurship, and to work on increasing the transparency and access to information using new technologies.
The Center is established by respected members of the community coming from the civil, public and private sector, whose knowledge and experience provides a strong synergy of competencies in a vast array of disciplines. The combination of capabilities and competence make The Center for Knowledge Management an exceptional partner in developing of new ideas and implementing local and international projects in a wide range of expertise like knowledge management, IT, development and strategic management.