National Agency of Information Society



The National Agency for Information Society was established according to "Decision no. 673, dated 22.11.2017 "On the Reorganization of the National Agency of Information Society" . The agency dtarted its opperations after the appointment of its General Director in September 2007. The agency was staffed until January 2008 and since then it has been operating at full efficiency.

Objectives of NAIS:
a) Implementation of policies and strategies for the development of the information society sector (hereinafter SHI) and, in particular, information and communication technology (hereinafter ICT);
b) Coordination of programs in the field of IST and in particular ICT;
c) Encouraging investments in the field of SHI;
d) Drafting practices for exercising the competencies given to the Minister by the legislation in the field of electronic communications;
e) Promotion of new technologies in the field of SHI;
f) Contributing to education and promoting the use of ICT by the public