Hail Suppression Agency



The Bulgarian hail suppression system was set up as a structure of the Ministry of Agriculture during 1968. On 30.04.1968 by Decision № 175 of the Council of Ministers the Hail Suppression Service was set up. Subsequently it was reorganized to Hail Suppression Directorate. Gradually hail suppression units were built in the regions where hail damages have turned out to be the strongest.

Initially, one hail suppression unit was set up with a command post in the city of Saedinenie. By Decision № 155/13.11.1971 of the Minister of Agriculture and Food the first unit in the country is divided into two units: one with a command post in the village of Gelemenovo, district of Pazardzhik, while the other – with a command post in the village of Golyam Chardak, district of Plovdiv.

By Decree № 203/10.11.1999 of the Council of Ministers the Hail Suppression Directorate was reorganized to Executive Hail Suppression Agency with the following activity: hail suppression activity and activities related to other adverse weather events, rain enhancement and radar monitoring. The hail suppression units were reorganized to Regional Directorates.

Currently, there are eight regional directorates for hail suppression (RDHS) with the Executive Agency. They consist of Command Post /CP/ and Rocket Sites /RS/ and are located in Pazardzhik district (CP – village of Gelemenovo), Plovdiv district (CP – village of G. Chardak and CP – village of Popovitsa), Stara Zagora district (CP – village of Petrovo), Sliven district (CP – village of Staro selo), Vidin district (CP – city of Gramada), Montana district (CP – village of Dolno Tserovene), Vratsa district (CP – village of Bardarski geran) and Pleven district (CP – village of Dolni Dabnik).

Over the years, hail protection activity has continuously expanded by building additional rocket sites. Currently, the total protected area is about 1,700,000 hectares.