Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology

Address http://www.meteo.bg/


The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology mission is to advance scientific research and its application, support international scientific cooperation, acts as an expert organisation in atmosphere physics sciences and adviser about Climate change matters in the country. At present it belongs to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, an autonomous scientific organisation. NIMH has two main tasks. The first one is to maintain operational meteorological, hydrological and environmental activities (observations, telecommunication, data processing and archiving, forecasting etc.) as to fulfil the needs of the society in the country and for international exchange. The second task is research in the field of meteorology, climatology, hydrology and environment. NIMH is the main provider of scientific research and operational activities in the field of meteorology, climatology, agro-meteorology and hydrology in the country.

It is providing the Governmental Institutions with high quality of hydro-meteorological, agro-meteorological, climatological and other environmental data, analyses, expertise and different forecasts for the country and the Western part of the Black Sea.

The research programme focuses on the key basic research challenges of the future relating to the problems of management and mitigation of climate change and ways of adapt. NIMH wants to impact the corresponded government authorities to expand the financial support in the respect to this ERA-NET and to coordinates the research programme. NIMH is responsible for the get together interested national bodies and entities in the cooperation procedure in order to change the financial background in the country related to Climate change following the best practice the partners.

The scientists of NIMH as part of BAS is in charge for development and adaptation of methods for modern information technologies for research, modelling and forecasting of hydro- and meteorological phenomena and processes, and climate change as well. NIMH participates in many national, regional and international research projects governed by e.g. WMO, EC (FP 5, 6, 7) CEC, NATO, IAEA, FAO, World Bank. The basic aim of the research is the development of the geophysical sciences (mainly in regional scale).