CulturePolis is a private non-profit organisation based in Corfu, Greece belonging to the Civil Society Organisations – CSOs). It operates mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. Its main aim is to contribute – through research, analysis, debate and dialogue, as well as targeted action in information / awareness raizing on issues related to:

- culture and the arts in the broadest sense;
- intercultural dialogue and the promotion of different cultural identities;
- sustainability in all its facets;
- promoting innovative approaches and new technologies in society and economy;
- the creative economy and entrepreneurship.

CulturePolis was founded in Corfu, Greece in 2006 in the form of a private non-profit company with approval by the Court of Corfu 509 / 06.05.2006 with the name “Europe of Cultures Forum: Adriatic-Ionian Chapter” by a group of friends and associates who aimed to introduce to Greece the idea of different cultural identities and of creating Europe through cultures. By amending its statutes on 12.9.2013, the organization was restructured, as illustrated by the corresponding changes to its website

The private non-profit company CulturePolis operates in accordance with the provisions of Art. 741 et seq. of the Civil Code and in accordance with the rules governing the operation of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). The organization’s activities are not dependent on any body associated in any way with the public sector, local authorities or any for-profit private organizations. The statutes do not provide for any relationship or involvement of CulturePolis in any kind of commercial activity except for the potential participation in Social Cooperative Enterprises (Integration, Social Care, Collective and Productive Purpose).

CulturePolis develops many of its own activities but also gives weight to the creation of synergies between initiatives and programs of other institutions which have distinct roles with corresponding obligations, duties and rights. For this purpose, CulturePolis encourages cooperation between citizens and bodies of self-administrative, governmental, scientific, political, cultural and other social groups, organizations and institutions as well as the private sector and the strengthening of their ties with other important advocates of cultures and societies around the world, with emphasis on South-Eastern Europe and the wider region, covering the entire Euro-Mediterranean space.

The various networks operating in the same region, such as municipalities, chambers, universities etc, play an important role in the above-mentioned cooperation. Within this framework, in recent years CulturePolis has expanded its activities both geographically, beyond the Adriatic Sea and in other countries and cities in neighboring countries of South-Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean, as well as thematically, with important projects and initiatives under the various EU programmes e.g. in Research, Technological development and Innovation, transnational regional development, education and culture, youth and humanitarian assistance.

Towards this goal, all possible resources, both public and private, will be capitalized on, in order to create a platform – physical and digital- that can be used by any organization and individual or administrative institution to contribute to a better knowledge and protection of this unique heritage through cooperation in the region.