University of Patras, Department of Geology



The University of Patras was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 and it began functioning in the Academic year 1966-67. The establishment of the University contributed vastly to the decentralization of Academic Education in Greece. In June 2013 the University of Western Greece was incorporated in the University of Patras.

In 2014, the University of Patras celebrates 50 years of Academic operation, marked by continuous development and constantly emerging new achievements. The University presently stands well ahead of its original goal, which was to set “a firm model of an Academic institution providing Greece with a highly qualified Alumnae contributing to the society’s development and growth”. Today, the University of Patras enjoys recognition as an Academic Institution with a worldwide impact, attracting thousands of students and a large number of Academic and Research Personnel actively involved in the cutting-of-edge science, Innovation and Excellence.

The Department of Geology at the University of Patras is internationally recognised for the quality and breadth of its research and its academic programme. It is dedicated to provide the highest quality teaching in classroom and field training, as well as research opportunities in Earth Sciences for students at all levels.
The Department, one of the three Geology Departments in Greece, was founded in 1977 in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Patras, replacing the pre-existing Chair of Geology. Undergraduate students were first admitted in 1978. Since the first 65 undergraduate students’ admission in 1978, 976 BSc, 156 MSc and 112 Ph.D. degrees were granted up to January 31, 2012.
The Department embraces an impressive variety of topics in Earth Sciences and is strongly linked to Greece’s unique geology. Presently, there are twenty three (23) full-time faculty members ranging from lecturer to professor. Support personnel consist of four research associates, a number of instructors and members of administrative and technical staff.
Current enrollment is 846 undergraduate and 150 postgraduate students.
The laboratories for research and teaching, the library, the computing center and the lecture rooms of the Department are housed in the Geology Building. The Seismological Laboratory is hosted at a separate building in the old sector of the University Campus.