Federation of Industries of Northern Greece



The Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) was established in 1915. Since its foundation, it has been active in its efforts to promote not only industrial development, but also economic and social progress in Northern Greece. It proposes and contributes to actions aimed at establishing and promoting the competitive advantages of Northern Greece, as well as to the promotion of the overall economic development of the region.

The main aims of FING’s development strategy have, for many years, been based on overall regional growth and development, as well as on the industrial development and international competitiveness of Greek industries, and on Balkan and Black Sea economic co-operative ventures.
Over the years, FING has worked ceaselessly to achieve these goals and will continue its efforts to maximize and channel the benefits of these activities not only towards industrial development but, on a more general level, towards the economic and social progress of the regions of Makedonia, Thrace and Epirus.
Members of the Federation are manufacturing companies and industrial organisations.