Albaforest - Centre for Forest Studies and Consulting



A a group of senior-foresters and other disipline professionals have establish the Centre for Forest Studies and Consulting (AlbaForest) in Albania, approved by the Tirana Court, with the decision Nr. 193 date 24.09.2004. It is a countrywide organization, with administrative Headquarters located in Tirana. The Centre is managed by a Board of Directors and for day-to-day management by a Director Executive.
The main goals and program of AlbaForest is the following :
- Forestry and forest management and natural resources management in Albania;
- Undertaking of the common actions for sustainable natural resources and watershed management;
- Developing studies and ecological education for natural resources management;
- Develop forest and forest ecosystem assessment, certification and monitoring;
- Re-activization of the old tradition and undertaking projects of forest rehabilitation, protection, afforestation, maintenance and enhancement;
- Promotion of preservation and rehabilitation of rare and threatened species, biodiversity and in particular wild fauna and botanicals;
- Developing sustainable management plans for protected areas and national parks;
- Promoting and developing the new relation between humans and the forest;
- Reviving and development of agro-forestry and silvo-pastoralism practices;
- Sustainable environmental and rural development with an emphasis on protection and management of natural resources and eco-systems;
- Rehabilitation of damaged forest vegetation by pollution and industrial emissions;
- Acknowledgement and adoption of principles, criteria and indicators, for sustainable forest management and relevant international conventions;
- Promote the integrated management of forests, pastures and mountains waters in rural areas and provision of relevant trainings through SNR management.

In addition our organization provides expertise and services and runs projects on Environmental Information, Water Supply & Purification, Earth Preservation, Air Pollution Control, Waste Management, Recycling, Noise Protection, Power Generation and Energy Efficiency.