University of Durres “Aleksander Moisiu”



University of Durres “Aleksander Moisiu” (UAMD) is the newest public academic institution of the Republic of Albania. The University is located in the ancient city of Durrës and has a branch in Peshkopi. It was inaugurated in 2006 and is using the American system of education, unlike the rest of the public universities in the country. More than 1,300 students started classes as of October 2, 2006. University of Durrës took its name from Austrian actor Aleksandër Moisiu, who was of Albanian descent. The rector is Prof. Dr. Mit’hat Mema. The university offers degree programs in each of its six main divisions: Faculty of Business, Faculty of Applied Integrated Studies, Faculty of Political and Legal Studies, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Professional Studies, Faculty of Information and Technology. The Faculty of Business offers program studies at three levels (bachelor's, master's and doctoral) in various disciplines such as economics, marketing, tourism management, finance and banking. The Faculty of Applied Integrated Studies also offers a focus in economics, but unlike the other divisions, it operates according to the German model of berufsakademie, whereby students work simultaneously in the sectors that correspond with their program studies. The Faculty of Applied Integrated Studies is focused on banking and finance, tourism management, and small-to-medium enterprise management.