Marie Curie Association



Based in the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Marie Curie Association has been implementing since 1997 both national and international projects aiming at contributing to the social, educational and labour integration of the people with disabilities in Bulgaria. Our activities are directed toward people with different type and stage of disabilities.

Since 1999 the association expanded its activities on international level through participation both as a partner and coordinator in transnational projects under various programmes of the European Commission, such as “Leonardo da Vinci”, “Socrates”, “Erasmus”. The positive practice and experience gained while participating in successful transnational partnerships, added large amount of activities, services and expertise to the organizational portfolio.

These initiatives have been orientated towards social integration and professional realization of disabled people.
We pursue the effect to form a positive attitude towards disabled people and to give them equal opportunities for employment. Our work in many cases is designed to act as a bridge between different stakeholders: employers, people with disabilities and disadvantaged people, trainers, policy makers, experts working in the sphere of disability.

We are attempting to combine best practice examples, recognized in many European countries, with innovative approaches for educational and vocational training and courses tailored to the specific needs of people with disabilities. Acting so, our aim is to make people with disabilities and disadvantaged more competitive on the open labour market. The initiatives and projects which we carry out are sample of long-term investment in human resource development. Our team strongly believes that human factor is the most valuable asset of making a successful business. The work potential of people with disabilities should also be used by the employers not only as a demonstration of social engagement, but mainly as a rational practice.

In those terms “Marie Curie” Association developed and implemented innovative training programmes, opportunities for e-learning, life-long training and professional prequalification into attractive and modern professions.