Balkan-Mediterranean Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


BalkanMed INNOVA
Priority axis Enterpreneurship and Innovation
Specific Objective Territories of Knowledge
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Lead Partner University of Ioannina
Partners Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Joint Innovation Centre
Company for Research, Education, Innovation and Development of the North Aegean Region S.A. - ELORIS S.A.
Cyprus University of Technology
Rural Association Support Programme
Youth Entrepreneurial Service Foundation
Budget 919.644,55 €

The BalkanMed INNOVA Project partnership will establish a practical & innovative e-learning platform, i.e. the BalkanMed INNOVA Web-School for Entrepreneurial and lifelong learning, with a clear added-value for the European community as a whole, mainly due to the broad number of the end-users, whose transversal competences & skills, such as learning to learn, digital competence & entrepreneurial culture, will reinforce while bridging the worlds of education & business. Furthermore, the main products of the project will be the result of the collaboration of all the partners, will be produced in English & will be freely available on the internet through the project’s website for anyone interested to use them. In addition, each partner participates in several transnational networks and, through these contacts, the results of the project could be disseminated also outside the partnership countries.

The trainers coming from all 5 participating countries will collaborate before the training by participating in a transnational training-the-trainers day where they are going to have the chance to exchange experiences & ideas in order to make the training of  SMEs’ staff and young potential entrepreneurs more innovative & more interesting with transnational dimention. The stakeholders’ networks to be developed in each country are going to communicate & cooperate between them ensuring in this way the maximum transfer of knowledge & expertise. Conclusively, the philosophy of the project & the nature of the activities to be implemented will enhance European cooperation, as all partners involved will exchange experiences, knowledge, expertise, trends, will discuss & address common issues, thus increasing understanding & open-mindedness.

BalkanMed INNOVA Project aims to create a unified Territory of knowledge from North Albania and the Republic of North Macedonia to Cyprus and from Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea to Danude, where there will applied virtual based tools and novel approach for learning and vocational training of entrepreneurs, technology and knowledge transfer that will set-up the Web School. Beyond the joint training, it is expected that through the E-tutoring and peer mentoring consultations actions for start-ups young entrepreneurs  will create their own new businesses by the end of the project.

Communication Plan

BalkanMed Innova Communication Plan