First Level Control on the MIS

Jan 16, 2019

On behalf of the Managing Authority of ETC Programmes and the MIS Special Service, we would like to inform you that from November 2018 the First Level Control is being issued online on MIS.

All  Project Beneficiaries are requested to create the Table of Expenditure on the MIS, insert the expenditure and payment documents in section B, attach all the needed documentation and come in contact with the controller so that the expenditures can be verified.

For your convenience please find here the User Manuals

The controller should upload on the MIS the following documents signed and stamped :
  • Certificate of verified expenditure (provided by the system)
  • Verification Report (provided by the system)
  • Table of Verified  (provided by the system)
  • Verifications Control Checklist

Hard copy certificates will NOT be accepted by the JS/MA.

The Lead Beneficiary is obligated to continue submitting the Payment Request for the reimbursement of the expenses.

For those who have already started a verification in hard copy please keep in mind that the expenditure must be uploaded exactly as they are annexed to the respective Certificate, i.e. using the amounts declared for verification and not those finally verified. Then, the FLC-ers will log in the system and make the verification again, online this time, and will cut the costs which they had cut in paper too.