MIS : expenditure PAID OUT until 31-12-2018

Jan 21, 2019

The Managing Authority of ETC Programmes would like to draw your attention to the fact that any expenditures PAID OUT until 31-12-2018 must be inserted in the Management Information System (MIS) at the latest by 08-02-2019.
IMPORTANT: When you complete with the insertion of the expenditures in the MIS, please do not SUBMIT the Table of Verified Expenditures, just SAVE it on MIS, inform us by email and come in contact with your FLCer, so that he/she can verify the expenditures.
Expenditures incurred and paid out in 2019 should be inserted in an additional Table of Expenditures.
The procedure for verification of these expenditures (2018) must be completed by 01/03/2019.
This procedure is very important in order to check the state of play of your actions per beneficiary, so that we can proceed with Payment Requests and Budget Allocations.  
You can find the User Manual of the MIS to the following link : http://www.interreg-balkanmed.eu/article/73_Monitoring-Information-System--(MIS)---User-Manuals