BAS Project - BAS partners visited the municipal plant for bio-waste treatment in Sofia

Oct 18, 2018   Sofia, Bulgaria

Representatives of all project partners from Benefit-As-you Save (BAS) Interreg Project gathered in Sofia for the 3d Steering Committee Meeting held on 11 Oct 2018. The meeting was dedicated to all pending issues regarding the flawless implementation of the Project. A representative from the Lead partner (Voula, Attica, Greece) outlined all forthcoming milestones along with all future transnational meetings.
As part of the Steering Committee Meeting, all participants visited the Municipal Plant for Biological Treatment ‘Khan Bogrov’ in Sofia. They had the chance to be guided and to follow the processes of bio-waste treatment finalizing with the production of electricity and compost. The bio-waste collection on a domestic level will be introduced for a very first time in the City of Sofia within the implementation of the BAS pilot project.