Apr 30, 2019   Sofia, Bulgaria

More than 1000 citizens and guests of Sofia took part in the AirIT Marathon for better air quality. The event was organized by Sofia Municipality within the framework of the ARITHINGS project. The event was divided in two parts and all participants were invited to either run or cycle the 5 km trace in the very center of Sofia. Especially for the AirIT Marathon several main boulevards were closed for cars.

The event was not a competitive but a symbolic one. With their involvement, all participants showed public support to the idea of substituting private cars with alternative urban transport for better air quality – including walking, cycling or public transport. The initiative was focused on the personal contribution for improvement of air quality.

‘Your city makes a lot for the improvement of air quality and the results are visible. I am glad that today there are so many people gathered to support the alternative transport for better air quality, because we are the ones responsible for breathing better air. We breathe together”, said Mr. Klaus Schormann, President of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon during the awarding ceremony of the finalists in the event.