BIOPROSPECT Project - Municipality of Vrapcisht, Republic of North Macedonia: Reaching out to stakeholders through workshops and mobilizations

Jul 10, 2019   Vrapcisht, Republic of North Macedonia

During March and April 2019, the Municipality of Vrapcisht has organized several events such as mobilizations and workshops addressing stakeholders, in order to inform and discuss about the actions that will take place in the area, under BIOPROSPECT project.

The aim of these meetings was to showcase how project actions can have a positive impact on ecosystem services and create opportunities in the business and financial sector as well as gain support and involve stakeholders into the project.

Around 40 participants joined the stakeholders’ mobilizations and workshops. The topics that were discussed included the improvement of water regulation of forested areas, the interconectivity of forest and river areas and the upgrading of touristic value, challenges, opportunities, mechanisms and measures for sustainable forest biodiversity preservation in peri-urban forest areas, data collection for the evaluation of Ecosystem services, current legislation in forestry and environmental conservation and issues related to livestock and beekeeping/ bee breeding.