AGROLABS Project - Training and Support for members of Business Cluster in the Agrofood Sector

Nov 26, 2019   Veria, Greece

The Region of Central Macedonia (PP2) organized via the Regional Unit and the Clusters Support Office of Imathia and the Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Training and Supporting Sessions from 24th to 25th of October and from 6th to 8th of November 2019 in the city of Veria. The sessions aimed to support the participants so as to be able to incorporate innovation in the SMEs production, without distorting the market, focusing on capacity building, addressing the challenges the agro-food sector faces in this area and providing relevant solutions.  

The members of the Business Cluster in the AgroFood Sector (AgroLabs Cluster) that participated in the Sessions represented a wide spectrum of local stakeholders (farmers, distributors, packagers and local authorities) and were introduced to a variety of issues covering logistics, marketing, innovation and technology in the agrofood sector, as well as legal and policy issues.

The respective presentations were delivered by experienced academic and scientific personnel and were followed by extensive discussions on the specific issues and on the general direction and vision of the Agrolabs Project.
The seminars took place at the City Hall of the Municipality of Veria (42 Metropolis Street, Veria), in the context of the Project AgroLabs.