AGROLABS Project in the Plant BioProtech-II Symposium

Jan 31, 2020   Marrakesh, Marroco

In the context of the AgroLabs Project, Cyprus University of Technology (PP3 in the Project) participated in the “Plant BioProtech-II Symposium on Plant Bioprotection Sciences and Technologies”, on 19-22 November 2019, Marrakesh, Morocco.

Dr. N. Tzortzakis, Dr. A. Chrysargyris, Mrs Panayiota Xylia as members of the PP3 Work Team, promoted the AgroLabs Project with a Poster presentation, titled: “Cultivation strategy to improve chemical profile and anti-oxidant activity of Mentha spicata and Mellissa officinalis towards water deficiencies”. Mrs. Rea Vasiliou (Cyprus University of Technology) was involved at the experimental set up and study.

During the Symposium, PP3 participants distributed AgroLabs brochures and promoted the AgroLabs Project and its findings.

You can find below the Poster of the project