BalkanROAD Project - Registrations to the OpenEARTH Workshops

Jan 31, 2020   Thessaloniki, Greece

We would like to remind you to register yourself to the two workshops of the conference
12 February 2020 (from 12:00 to  13:30 and from 15:30 to 17:00, two training cycles)
Workshop and training on ROAD Tool, the web GIS-based application of the BalkanROAD project. The tool was designed and developed to estimate the environmental footprint of enterprises but also of other entities. ROAD tool is a user-friendly application, the uniqueness of which is the conformation to Balkan regional particularities. The user, by providing annual energy, materials and resources consumption, can estimate the carbon dioxide emissions as well as the waste and water footprint of the enterprise or of any other entity of interest.
Trainers: Angelos Hliaoutakis, Nikos S. Papadopoulos, Maria K. Doula
13 February 2020 (from 15:30 to 17:00)
Workshop and training on platforms for agricultural products and traceability, focusing on environmental impact. Nowadays the implementation of a full-path tracing of the agricultural products, through the whole distribution channel (from farm to trader) has gained the strong interest of the markets but also of the consumers. Get training on such platforms from the point of view of a trader or of a consumer. Discover detailed information for each fresh fruit or vegetable and also of other products in the market. Explore also platforms for gathering and processing environmental data from field measurements and assist live the processing of field measurements of the LIFE ClimaMED project ( ) of meteorological data and greenhouse gases of cultivated fields.
Trainer: Prof. Nikos Tsotsolas

For further information please visit the webpage of the conference