WetMainAreas Project in the European Green Week 2020

Oct 22, 2020   Online

WetMainAreas Project is participatinng in the Green Week 2020 together with the European Topic Centre on Spatial Analysis and Synthesis of the University of Malaga and the Biodiversity Protection Community of the Interreg Med programme. 

The workshop "Healthy Mediterranean wetlands as requisites for socio-ecological resilience" aims at highlighting the need for urgent agreements and actions to protect and more sustainably use wetland habitats based on a better understanding and knowledge on wetland ecosystems while showcasing the regional efforts of European projects in paving the way towards raising awareness and providing tools and solutions to consider in the post-2020 plans in the Mediterranean region to ensure better protection and management of these sensitive key ecosystems.
The workshop is structured in four parts to raise awareness on the following:
1. The European and Mediterranean policy efforts to manage and conserve wetland ecosystems more effectively;
2. The role, status and knowledge on wetlands at European and Mediterranean levels;
3. Solutions in place to fill knowledge gaps and transferable tools and models for a full understanding and participatory management of wetlands; and
4. How to ensure support for healthy Mediterranean wetland ecosystems: funding priorities to bridge science, management, policy and wetland users
You can find here the agenda of the workshop