Mo.Na Project - The Integrated Management of Nature and Culture

Mar 09, 2021   Online

On February 26th, 2021, the European Center for Byzantine and Post Byzantine Monuments, in the context of Mo.Na Project, organized via Zoom a webinar meeting on the “Integrated Management of Nature and Culture”. Representatives from Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Ephorates of Α ntiquities, Administrative Regions, Greek Planners' Association, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, and the Environment The Department of Forests in Cyprus and Society of Cypriot Studies participated in this meeting.

The meeting was an open di alogue regarding common manag e ment strategies in areas of high environmental interest and of high cultural importance. Based on four case studies (Olympia, Delphi, Delos, Meteora), which are documented cases under the protection of UNESCO and NATURA 2000-4, a fruitful dialogue was held on the coexistence of cultura l and environmental sites, the legal framework for their protection, the synergies and collaborations among different bodies, the problems that arise in the issues of co-management and finally the necessity to establish a system of certification of monuments in a natural environment of special importance, which is the main goal of the Mo.Na Project.