SFEDA Project - Demonstration Event and Local Workshops

Jun 16, 2020   Online/Greece

The demonstration of the THEASIS system, the main reult of SFEDA Project, was held in Greece in 15/06/2020. Also, this event was presented online, due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The scenario that was presented, is presented in the following videos:

In these videos Smoke Detection and Fire Validation using Real controlled Fire was shown.

After this demonstration event, local seminars for the operation of the THEASIS system have been presented. Below, some photos are presented from that day. In that photos, Professor Moulianitis made the first presentation, presenting the philosophy of the SFEDA Project and the way the university team approached it. Afterwards, four researchers from the University team analyzed the equipment they used for the THEASIS system, the experiment process and the algorithms they developed.

Professor Xofis Pantelis was connected via Skype to present the simulation of fire behaviour and the way THEASIS is approach it.

Additional presentations are given by Prof Psarakis, Mr. Thanellas and Mr. Arvanitis.