Skills4MSEs Project – Opening event “Developing Skills, Unlocking your Talent”

Jun 12, 2019   Thessaloniki, Greece

The opening event of Skills4MSEs project entitled: “Developing Skills, Unlocking your Talent” took place on June 12th 2019 at 17:30, at the venue of Ecosystem of Innovation Ok!Thess (Kidonion & Maria Kallas, Str., Thessaloniki).

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the current trends and needs of the labor market concerning building professional skills either related to, the so-called, soft skills or very popular IT skills.

The event commenced with a speech by Associate Professor of University of Macedonia, Mr. Emmanuil Steiakakis, entitled “Investigating and Measuring Digital Student Intelligence in Schools of Regional Unity of Thessaloniki”. Afterwards, the founder and Education Manager of “Golden Gate Pro”, Ms Georgia Tsiamanta gave a speech over digital skills and Mr. Mixalis Tzikas, Senior Frontend Developer of “SchooX”, then referred to coding and it potential as the next universal language.

Ms. Fyllis Gavriilidou, Author, Podcaster, Meta-Learning and Productivity Specialist, addressed the issue of identifying the reasons behind modern worker, student and entrepreneurs’ willingness to invest in new skills. The increased importance of soft skills was emphasized by Mr. Therapon Fakas, Life & Business Coach, who demonstrated, through an experiential approach, the need for better soft skills and especially Communication, Collaboration, Problem-solving, as well as Emotional Intelligence. At the closing of the main part of the event, Mr. Neoklis Stamkos, Project Manager and CEO of KEPA, pointed out that the project “Building Knowledge Communities for Competitive Media” has been structured in such a way to support all those who are interested in developing their digital and soft skills in order to be more competitive in the labor market.