Skills4MSEs Project - 4th Meeting

Apr 09, 2021   Online

The fourth meeting among partners of “Skills4MSEs” Project was implemented digitally on April 9th, 2021. Representatives of all project partners participated:  Microfond Sofia Foundation from Bulgaria, Albanian Besa Capital Foundation and FED Invest – SCA from Albania, the University of Macedonia – Department of Applied Informatics, Special Account for Research Funds from the University of Macedonia (ELKE) from Greece, as well as KEPA, as the lead partner of the project.

The meeting was mainly focused on the presentation of the e-learning platform by the University of Macedonia, and in particular on familiarizing the partners regarding the registration and use process. In particular, the presentation of the platform was made by an external expert of the University. At the same time, the partners presented the publicity action plan that they aim to apply in order to attract users to the platform and to the rest of their educational activities.