SMEInnoBoost Project - Conference

Dec 07, 2017

The leading partner of the National Association of Small and Medium Business (NASMB) held a conference on "Key factors for the generation and implementation of innovation by SMEs". It took place on December 7th at 13.30 am, in the hall "Park-hotel Moscow, Nebraska N: 25, conference hall.

In the conference took part:
  1. Eleonora Negulova Chairwoman and Member of the Board of the National SME Association and Project Manager SMEINNOBOOST
  2. Lubomir Ganchev - Advisor to Minister Emil Karanikolov - Ministry of Economy
  3. Ivelina Peneva - Chief Executive Officer - MA of OPIC 2014-2020 - Succes in Supporting the Innovation Behavior of SMEs
  4. Vladislav Tsvetanov - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests
  5. Vanya Zheleva - National Statistical Institute (NSI) - "Statistical survey of innovation activity in the Republic of Bulgaria"
  6. Rumen Atanasov - Member of the National Council of AICB and chairman of BASEL view from the business
  7. Prof. Yosif Avramov - Co-Chairman of the BCCI Innovation Council, Member of BCCI Managing Board - Two Innovation Council Projects at BCCI - PLATFORM "Innovation Exchange" and "Technology Transfer Center" - a major part of the interaction of science with business
  8. Yordan Doshev - Information and Communication Technologies Institute Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Is Science Encountered by SMEs on the Way of Generating and Implementing Innovations by SMEs.
At the beginning of the program, a media briefing was provided for a general presentation of the goals and results of the SMEINNOBOOST project.

A workshop with company representatives was also held to share their views and problems in the field of innovation. They were informed about the SAT analysis.