SMEInnoBoost Project - Workshop: SME Innovation Capacity Boost

Jul 27, 2018   Korca, Albania

After having addressed a welcoming note to the participants in the activity, Mr. Aurel Grabocka, director of the Foundation Regional Development Agency of Korca introduced the participants in the panel who presented and discussed their materials. They are as follows:
  • Dr. Rafail Prodani, Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Physics - Natural and Human Sciences from the University “Fan S. Noli”, Korca;
  • Dr. Sorina Koti, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Executive Director of the “Economic Intelligence Center and lecturer in the University “Fan S. Noli”, Korca;
  • Mr. Roland Mecaj, Official for Agricultural Technologies Transfer Center (QTTB)  Korca;
  • Ms. Loris Hoxha, Communication and Information Manager, Italian – Albanian Program for SMEs development in Albania.
  • Mr. Aurel Grabocka, director of the Foundation Regional Development Agency of Korca.
Mr. Grabocka made a presentation of the project, partners, activities, results and the study related to SMEs needs in supporting and encouraging the innovation. Main topics introduced and discussed were:
  • SMEs needs analysis – this is very important for making efficient policies and strategies in encouraging and boosting the innovative potential and competitiveness.
  • Description of work packages – activities
  • National Innovation System  
  • Key factors in micro and SMEs innovative capacities.
  • Future steps: statistical survey of more than 13 500 SMEs in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania; development of data and reports from SAT and statistical study, SAT development, etc.
Expansion of ITC in society and its importance was emphasized during the workshop. Governance would be more efficient if more opportunities were created for businesses by removing barriers on information. Many positive characteristics of ITC were mentioned and how this technology can be used and the basic recommendations for increasing the level of inclusion.

ITC and innovation have been paid a major attention from the private sector and the Government as well. Companies should always be consistent with the technological changes since they bring changes too in production and services.

Several recommendations were made: development of a innovation strategy and technological transfer; implementation of programs to support the use of IT; supporting businesses in investments on technology and information; creation of innovation centers for cooperation, development of e-commerce, establishment of industrial areas, creation of university research centers, etc.