S.W.A.N. Project - 6th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management

Sep 05, 2018   Naxos, Greece

The main aspects  of SWAN Project  (a digital Solid Waste reuse platform for BalkaN) were presented during the 6th International Conference  on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, which took place in Naxos island on 13-16 June 2018, emphasizing  the benefits that can be achieved.

The Conference had great international participation and is successfully co-organized by National Technical University of Athens, local authorities and other scientific bodies. More than 600 participants from more than 100 countries around the world, including industry professionals, government executives, municipalities, research and educational institutions and scientists, met on 13-16 June in Naxos and had the opportunity to exchange views and information on of the latest ideas and technical experience in all areas of solid waste management.
The SWAN project’s main objective is to create an innovative platform that will both map and match supply and demand of solid waste in the Balkan Med region and provide assistance to industries or waste management agents, to exploit new fields of interest and potentials in the area of circular economy. This endeavour can be of high importance for several stakeholders acting in the region- at national and transnational level-, such as companies, industries or even local authorities, as it can help them manage solid waste in a sustainable way to the benefit of the citizens and the environment. Under the project, which will cover four countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece), the seven partners, namely EDSNA, Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy, University of Aegean, Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment, ILIRIA NGO, Bulgarian Industrial Association and Cyprus University of Technology, hitherto cooperate effectively to create an integrated digital and industrial ecosystem that will develop locally and manage transnational value chains for solid waste reuse.