BalkanROAD Events

Sep 11, 2018

Project meeting in Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia
The second meeting between BalkanROAD partners will take place on 12 October in Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia, at the premises of "Macedonian" Organic Producers Federation.
The first stakeholders meeting in Bulgaria
The first meeting between project partners and stakeholders (policy makers and representatives of national and regional authorities) from all participating countries will take place in 18th October in Sofia, Bulgaria. Stakeholders' participation in BalkanROAD is a strong project advantage that will bring its results close to policy makers and authorities.

During the 1st meeting, the participants will discuss the outputs of the GAP analysis regarding the question “Which are the obstacles that prevent agribusinesses to adopt alternative and environment friendly practices?” and define solutions and proposals to be considered in the future project actions.
Stakeholders will have the possibility to critically assess available information and suggest solutions and appropriate measures to be considered in national and regional policy planning.