Center for Heritage Interpretation (CHI)

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Innovative territories
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Center for Heritage Interpretation (CHI)
First Name Margarita
Last Name Kaisheva
Address 22 Gagarin Str., bl.154-A, apt. 67, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 888880281
Project idea title Decoded Heritage for Smart Entrepreneurship
Specific problem to be addressed The area has a strong potential to exploit its cultural and natural heritage by developing smart businesses in benefit of people & communities and respectful to environment and biodiversity sustainability, at the same time. So far, many heritage phenomena have been valorised in the CBC area, but not adequately and pragmatically used. Local communities have not been actively involved by developing their motivation through innovative businesses and entrepreneurship.
Main project activities planned 1. Creation of heritage mix (cultural and natural); 2. Applying EU quality standards & criteria for quality heritage interpretation of the phenomena included in the mix (samples/sites of cultural and natural heritage); 3. Development of smart businesses ideas; 4. On-site customized training in quality heritage interpretation for to become 10 smart businesses.
Expected outputs and results 1. Heritage, working for communities sustainably; inspired care for its protection; identity drive – through learning about how to apply quality heritage interpretation and mentoring in using diapraxis model; 2. Income generation for better quality of life for people – 10 smart businesses encouraged to start; 3. Contribution to biodiversity through innovative practices - booklet with good practices in natural heritage interpretation and smart businesses.
State you area of expertise/ interest Experience in advancement of heritage interpretation by training, research and advisory; in setting quality standards for communication of heritage; in decoding values of heritage & making it accessible to all; in encouraging entrepreneurship; in introduction of innovative practices in heritage interpretation & establishment of corresponding image of sites and items; in implementation of heritage interpretive projects; in supporting development of quality relationship between people and Nature.