Black Sea Centre of Excellence/ Non profit organization

Priority Axis

Enterpreneurship and Innovation

Specific Objective Competitive territories
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Black Sea Centre of Excellence/ Non profit organization
First Name Neli
Last Name Gospodinova
Address 14 Nezavisimost Str., 9300 Dobrich, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 888242746
Project idea title Green entrepreneurs
Specific problem to be addressed The project is addressed to encouraging yet low-rated Entrepreneurial and labour activities among people in the target regions, in particular those interested in organic food production, its delivery and promotion. Despite good geographic and climatic conditions of the region and the fact that Greek and Bulgarian agricultural products are well known in Europe, still local people are not aware of opportunities organic food production gives them to develop a niche, crucial for sustainable economic development of the region. In addition, there is not any form of organization of “Small Green Entrepreneurs” that could help them use common resources of marketing their production, common solutions of their problems, common strategy for organic food development entrepreneurship.
Main project activities planned 1. Analysis of the market situation; 2. Marketing Stategy for Organic food; 3.Web-portal; 4. Training; 5. Organic food Fair.
Expected outputs and results 3 Analyses of organic market situation in Bulgaria, Greece and FYROM; One common Marketing Strategy; Establched Organic Entrepreneurial Cluster with min 60 innitial members of the target coutries; One web portal of the cluster.
State you area of expertise/ interest The entire activity of Black Sea Centre of Excellence confirms that the main actor of social and economic development of one country is local people. The more educated, skilled, initiative they are, the more prosperous the country is. Therefore, being an institution with a major role in lifelong learning and raising the sense of Entrepreneurship of a large category of people, from young to adults, BSCE contributes to the project objectives to raise the awareness of employment opportunities and encourage the Entrepreneurship in the field of organic food through logistic support, training sessions and increasing the collaboration and partnership with education institutions to organize up-to-date trainings that meet the challenges of new business and demands of labour market. BSCE has managed and implemented a number of projects, trainings and seminars funded by different sources, including ones devoted to organic production, eco-trainings for Local Initiative groups under “Leader+” program, and a project under JOP “BLACK SEA BASIN 2007-2013” .The accumulated capacity will be of great benefit for the present project.