Municipality of Almopia

Priority Axis


Specific Objective Biodiversity
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Municipality of Almopia
First Name Nikos
Last Name Tsimas
Address Aridea
Contact Phone 0030 6986664077
Project idea title The Balkan-Med landscape and local architecture as a factor of biodiversity
Specific problem to be addressed The Balkan-Med region has a great production of local traditional architecture that outlines a common ground in local material use and the constant connection to the landscape. Numerous examples of the traditional architecture are being protected under (inter)national law but there is also great potential in architecture complexes that are not being protected. Additionally, the rich Balkan-Med landscape is a force to be reckoned with diversity but also plenty of similarities.
Main project activities planned - How can local authorities promote the sustainable management of the protected and non-protected cultural environment of the local traditional architecture? - How can local authorities promote the protection of the local architecture and landscape following the European Landscape Convention in innovative ways? - How can local authorities promote the local Balkan-Med architecture/landscape and their cultural aspects in a cultural tourism approach and form a contemporary brand for their promotion?
Expected outputs and results - Promotion of the European Landscape Convention framework - creation of a management structure for local authorities; - Selected infrastructure works with an exemplary character; - Research for the genius loci of the involved areas in a joint e-platform; - Architectural competitions for the innovative exploration of the landscape/local architecture; - Design workshops for the involvement of the touristic aspect with the participation of tourist experts; - Promotion of the region's diversity/ similarities.
State you area of expertise/ interest Local authority with traditional villages and a rich landscape protected under the Natura2000 legislation.