Municiplaity of Burgas

Priority Axis


Specific Objective Sustainable Territories
Country Bulgaria
Organization/ Entity Municiplaity of Burgas
First Name Maya
Last Name Velcheva
Address 26 Aleksandrovska Str., 8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
Contact Phone 00359 56841164
Project idea title Decrease of air pollution of FDA through a pilot project for instalment of filters on individual households in DolnoEzerovo Neighbourhood
Specific problem to be addressed The project is corresponding to the national legal and air pollution documents and pointed out as an area with increased levels of FDA, sulphur dioxide and ozone. The analyses of results from monitoring of the air quality show that the major number of increases as well as the highest rates of FDA are registered during the active heating season (the cold months of the year) demonstrating that household heating with solid fuels. Thus the project aims to improve the air quality and decrease pollutants like PM, NO2 and SO2through pilot actions on installment of filters.
Main project activities planned Needs analyses and selection of pilot project location. Developing selection criteria for choosing the households to participate in the pilot activities, setting up the monitoring system. Selecting of the households and provision of the filters. Installment of filters and monitoring the results. Development of a complex programme. Disseminating the results among partners, partners networks meetings and trainings.
Expected outputs and results Increase the level of use of innovative technologies regarding climate change and overall resource management efficiency, including energy efficiency. Indicative list of actions supported and expected contribution Shared tests and pilot applications supporting repositioning of businesses towards environmental friendly investment on resource efficiency and climate change in particular; Implementation of innovative pilot and demonstration projects in the field of air pollution.