Technological Educational Institution of the Ionian Islands

Priority Axis


Specific Objective Biodiversity
Country Greece
Organization/ Entity Technological Educational Institution of the Ionian Islands
First Name Eirini
Last Name Katsalirou
Address Dept. of Food Technology, Technological Educational Institution of the Ionian Islands, 28100 Argostoli, Greece
Contact Phone 0030 2671026270
Project idea title A jointly developed toolbox for evaluating, monitoring, and conserving biodiversity of the Balkan Mediterranean coast
Specific problem to be addressed Coastal zones offer a wide variety of habitats and ecosystems services that have made them popular settlement areas and tourist destinations, important business zones and transit points. This intensive concentration of population and excessive exploitation of natural resources puts enormous pressure leading to biodiversity loss, habitats destruction, pollution, and conflicts between potential uses. Coastal zones are vulnerable to flooding, erosion, sea level rise and extreme weather events. Long term management tools must enhance the protection of coastal resources.
Main project activities planned 1. Develop a tool for assessment of ecosystem health in the coastal zone of Natura 2000 sites (Emerald sites in Albania), a composite index of sensitive indicators of ecosystem quality both aboveground and belowground; 2. Prevent and mitigate climate risks and consequences by developing the know-how that will enable Mediterranean States to prepare “Noah’s Ark,” refuges of protected native plant species that are threatened by sea level rise; and 3. Expand and enrich the commonplace mass tourist product “sun, sea and sand” with immersive experience in conservation education.
Expected outputs and results 1. Enable the implementation of proposed EU legislation with regards to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (Euro+B28pean Commission, 2013) which requires of Member States coherence of management across sea basins through trans-boundary cooperation in the same marine region or sub-region and related coastal zone and appropriate data collection and exchange; 2. Increase “climate resiliency” of coastal areas; and 3. Increase the pride of residents and entrepreneurs in their natural heritage in order to increase common “ownership” of the transnational natural resources.
State you area of expertise/ interest We are interested in innovative applications of plant and soil sciences in natural resource management.