ORION - Joint Research and Development Centre



The ORION – Joint research and Development Centre, is a nonprofit institute based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Its members originate from academia, energy agencies, municipalities, governmental departments,research centers, SMEs and individual scientists sensitive to environmental issues and renewable energy promotion. They have extensive experience in project management and participation in research projects at European and national level (such as FP7, Intelligent Energy, MED, ENPI, INTERREG etc) and are heavily involved on the policy level both in Cyprus and in Europe. Furthermore, some of our members are involved on technical advisory committees for related work.

The main objectives of ORION are:
1) the promotion of research activities in the area of Cyprus and the Mediterranean in general;
2) development of operational information systems and forecasting of environmental phenomena affecting the region surrounding Cyprus;
3) protection of natural resources and effective management of environmental risks (eg desertification, droughts, fires and floods, water pollution);
4) the organization of integrated databases;
5) to promote scientific excellence and optimal learning methods; as well as
6) updating and informing citizens and local authorities of Cyprus for the purposes of the Institute.