Agricultural University of Tirana



The Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT) is the unique center for undergraduate and graduate studies, scientific research, training and extension in the area of agriculture and food (Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Protection, Agribusiness, Economy and Agrarian Policy, Agro-environment and Ecology, Agro-food Technology, Animal Husbandry and Business, Aquaculture and Fishery Management, Forestry Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, etc.

Actually it is organized by five faculties:
- Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness;
- Faculty of Agriculture and Environment;
- Faculty of Forestry Sciences;
- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine;
- Faculty of Biotechnology and Food,
with about 15.000 students. 55 professors compose actual academic staff, 48 associated professors, 55 doctors, 13 pedagogues – lecturers and 64 assistants.

Faculty of Economy & Agribusiness (EAF) has relatively new life. It was founded in the year 1971 (at that time faculty of Agrarian Economy). Former faculty of Agrarian Economy was called as such since the end of the year 1994, during that time entire restructuring of Agriculture University of Tirana was done. This restructuring lead in merger of this faculty within framework of Agriculture Faculty with two departments, respectively; Department of “Farm & Agribusiness Management” and Department of “Economy & Rural Development Policies”. Restructuring began in 1994 and ended in 1998, and was the result of close advice from SARA project (American Support for Agriculture Restructuring in Albania). Its fundamental objective was answering the new requirements from the agricultural and agribusiness sector in the conditions of free market. In the year 2007, as result of restructuring of former “Agriculture Faculty”, was found faculty of “Economy & Agribusiness” with six departments: Department of “Agribusiness Management”, Department of “Economy & Rural Development Policies” , Department of “Finance and Accounting”, Department of “Rural Tourism”, Department of “Business Informatics” and Department of “ Applied Economics”. Faculty of Economy & Agribusiness has actually 12 professors, 10 associated professors, 14 doctors, 4 pedagogues – lecturers and 22 assistants.

Since the year 2001, AUT has been involved with a new restructuring process according to the "Bologna Declaration". Starting from the academic year 2005-2006, AUT is considering organizing studies in conformity with the 3+2+3 schedule (Bachelor, Master and PhD). Scientific research at AUT is considered an essential component of the academic life and a concrete contribution to the progress of Albanian agriculture, as well. Scientific research has been conducted through participation in: national projects, projects undertaken by the National Agency for Environment; bilateral projects with Greek and Italian government; DAD projects; NATO projects; IMG Tempus projects; World Bank projects; and projects for research and development which were funded by the Albanian government. As the major center for education and scientific research in the area of agriculture and food, AUT has been the initiator of establishing research-production links.

These links have been materialized through the signing of "Memorandum of Understanding" with Albanian business. EAF has clearly defined nine research areas as scientific priorities, which are as follow:
1. Strategies and policies of integrated rural development.
2. Regional development and inter - regional integration policies.
3. Agricultural policies and their evaluation analysis.
4. Management strategies of inputs and outputs in agriculture.
5. Management strategies and policies of agribusiness.
6. Strategies and policies of farmers integration into markets.
7. Management and marketing problems in the values chain.
8. Fanancing strategies and policies of private enterprises in the benefit of their sustainable development.
9. Strategies and policies of rural tourism development