GAUSS Institute - Foundation for New Technologies, Innovations and Knowledge Transfer


Republic of North Macedonia

GAUSS Institute is a Foundation for New Technologies, Innovations and Knowledge Transfer, established on 15 August 2006 in Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia. GAUSS Institute continues the activities of previously active foundation Euro-regional Technology Center – Bitola, which was established by Faculty of Technical Sciences, University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola and Municipality Bitola with the support of the GTZ-Technology Transfer project. Euro-regional Technology Center should stop its operation because of legal restriction imposed by changes in the Law for Higher Education in Republic of North Macedonia, which introduced integrated university and restricts faculties to be founders of separate legal entities.

The role of the foundation is through development and application of new technologies, innovations and knowledge transfer to contribute toward the establishment of knowledge-based society in the region.

A knowledge-based society is an innovation and lifelong learning society, which possesses a community of scholars, researchers, engineers, technicians, research networks, and firms engaged in research and in the production of high-technology goods and service provision. It forms a national innovation-production system, which is integrated into international networks of knowledge production, diffusion, utilization, and protection. Its communication and information technology tools make vast amounts of human knowledge easily accessible. Knowledge is used to empower and enrich people culturally and materially, and to build an eco-friendly sustainable society.